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What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics are specialised plant fibres found in food that act as food for the good bacteria in your gut.

How is The Healthy Baker Wholemeal Plain Flour Mix different to other wholemeal flours on the market?

The Healthy Baker Wholemeal Plain Flour Mix has a boosted fibre content which allows it to have 65% more fibre relative to standard wholemeal flours in the marketplace.

The added fibre in the The Healthy Baker Wholemeal Plain Flour Mix comes from the wheat bran and the modified wheat starch. Both these operate as prebiotics stimulating the growth of bifidobacteria in the gut.

Bifidobacteria digests dietary fibre in the gut and are incredibly important for your overall gut health.

What is the difference between regular plain flour and wholemeal plain flour mix?

The Healthy Baker Wholemeal Plain Flour Mix contains 100 per cent of the wheat grain making it higher in fibre and other nutrients than regular white flours. While our Plain and Self Raising The Healthy Baker flours are fortified with vitamins and minerals, our Wholemeal Plain Flour Mix naturally contains high amounts of these vitamins and fibre.

What can I make with The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix?

Our aim at The Healthy Baker was to create a delicious, high protein, easy to use pancake mix. By just adding water and your favourite toppings, the variety of breakfast and snacks you can make are endless. To get inspired check out our Protein Pancake Recipes here.

Can you recycle The Healthy Baker flour container?

Our popular air-tight and durable PET containers are re-usable and perfect for pantry storage, organisation, and will keep your foods fresher for longer. If you do not need to re-use our containers, they are made from type 1 recyclable plastics and can be recycled in your recyclables bin.

Why choose a high-protein pancake or muffin mix?

Protein is necessary for building up muscle. These products have been specially designed to provide our customers with delicious and convenient means of achieving a significant part of their daily protein needs.